AlphaOmegaGreen Consulting Services



Our start-up aims on implementing the best economic, political and technical compromise in citizen energy in France and as to do so we studied noumerus markets, competetive situations, value chains and regulations, customer behavior, social contextes to eventually find the best solution for industrial projects in a rural environment.



As it would be extremely selfish to keep back this knowledge, we offer everyone to improve his projects performance by minimizing risks through early anticipation and doing something good for the local environment by making his own project a success.

AOG Consulting

- Market analysis

- Communication strategies

- Incentive analysis

- Economic evaluation

- Risk management

- Financial montages

- Strategies for citizen implementation


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AOG market analysis


Our practical 101 guide for wind industrie in several European countries.

Precise informations for evaluating market entrances, partner-projects or investment opportunities in foreign markets. 
AOG market analysis offers all kind of legal and economical informations, necessary to judge, evaluate or start a project.

Renewable energies may help to solve the ongoing debate on wasted countrysides and crowded towns, as they reinforce the economic power of small and medium communities, AlphaOmegaGreen wants to be the service of choice for people, communities and enterprises, willing to use the natural potential to become provider of electric energy for the whole society.

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